Efforts for biological diversity

Efforts for biological diversity

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Our company specified the fundamental principle and policies in the "MAEDA biological diversity action guidelines" and established the "MAEDA biological diversity guidelines" in order to promote the specific efforts aiming at ecosystem conservation in each area of business, company, and individual.

The action guidelines regard the earth as an important stakeholder and support the fundamental principle of conserving biological diversity and promoting sustainable use for the creation of a society in which people and nature support each other through business as a corporate citizen and an individual.

We promote environmentally friendly management in all business fields, including procurement and operation, in developing business activities with especially significant impact.

A long-term vision is required to conserve and recover biological diversity. We make efforts to reinforce the cooperation with various stakeholders, address information collection and technology development, and positively provide proposals to customers and their implementation in society.

MAEDA biological diversity action guidelines

Goal and result

At our field offices, the idea of ‘conducting activities intended to mitigate or prevent the impact on the growth and habitat environment of plants and animals in the neighborhood’ is practiced as an essential pursuit (environmental version of the MAEDA Rule). For the impact of discharged water from our construction works on the ecosystem, we conduct activities related to the mechanism and safety of the turbid water treatment based on a ‘“flow of efforts related to the muddy water treatment” in which ecosystem preservation is considered,’ and the obtained data are registered in a database. In addition, we conduct transplantation of the existing trees as an extra effort that enables us to reduce unnecessary development works in addition to preserving the ecosystem and saving resources.
For the continuous implementation of CSV management, which is priority measures of the medium-term management plan of our company, communication (creation of shared value as a resolution of social problems) with an ordering party is essential. We will expand the design and construction in which biological diversity is considered, with an ordering party, not only for design matters but also for construction matters.
For the technological development on biodiversity conservation, we will work toward realizing new value creation through the innovation platform of the ICI* General Center or SII*.

* ICI: An abbreviation for Incubation × Cultivation × Innovation

* SII: An abbreviation for Social Impact Investment

Conservation of forests and biological diversity

Having participated in the forest environment creation project of Mie Prefecture in the company-owned forest (approximately 100 ha) in Iga City, Mie Prefecture since FY 2006, we have been aiming at the improvement of functions, such as water source cultivation and prevention of sediment discharge, which the forest possesses, and the quality of the habitat environment for wildlife by appropriate management.

Conservation of forests and biological diversity
Conservation of forests and biological diversity

Promoting the use of Japanese wood and preserving forests

Considering that it is also important to reprocess damaged forests by using wood positively, our company is promoting the use of Japanese wood for all our construction works.

Those forests planted during the period of expansion of afforestation after the War have now reached maturity. On the other hand, there are many social challenges relating to forest and forestry, such as the decreasing number of people engaged in forestry. Maeda Corporation, which celebrated the 100th-anniversary of its founding in 2019, aims to substantially change from the integrated construction industry to an integrated infrastructure service company for the next 100 years. Considering forests are also one of the important social infrastructures among them, we are promoting the relationship with forest and forestry. Creating values with various partners in the forest’s sustainable cycle of “cutting, using, planting, and growing”, we conduct activities to be implemented into society. These efforts contribute to achieving SDGs goals.

Reference link: MAEDA Corporation × Wood "Let's build something made of wood"

In the Nest building in the ICI lab
In the Nest building in the ICI lab

In the Nest building in the ICI lab

Environmental conservation activities at the ICI Center

The exterior of the ICI Center in Toride City, Ibaraki Prefecture was constructed based on the landscape plan in which the entire premises were considered to be a biotope.

At the central part of the premise, a waterside with an area of about 2,000m2 was provided, where various aquatic plants were planted. Five years have passed since then, and now we see dragonflies such as lesser emperors, amphibians such as Japanese tree frogs, and various wild birds such as spot-billed ducks using the waterside.

In addition, the existing woods with mainly Quercus serrata, in which rare species such as the Golden Orchid (Cephalanthera falcata) are protected, have been conserved as they are, and in the newly developed area, all native species of cover plants, shrubs and trees were planted in a balanced arrangement. Furthermore, a large grassland with mainly the indigenous cogon grass, which has been decreasing recently, was created.

The ICI Center has acquired the highest rank of AAA in the “Japan Habitat Evaluation and Certification Program (JHEP)” by a third-party, the Ecosystem Conservation Society-Japan, as an index of continuous biodiversity conservation.

Conservation of precious species helleborine - when removing and reconstructing the former residence of Jinkichi Watanabe

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