A Message from the President

President and CEO SOJI MAEDA
President and CEO SOJI MAEDA

Maeda Corporation celebrated its 100th anniversary on January 8, 2019.
Since our founding in Fukui Prefecture in 1919 as a civil engineering firm, our businesses have grown into urban civil engineering and building works as well as the de-contracting field even overseas.

Society has expected the construction industry to play a significant role up until today as an industry that supports the people’s life through indispensable infrastructure. However, as Japan and the rest of the world face a great transformational period, Maeda must also transform or it will be unable to fulfill its duty to society. I believe this type of transformational period means we should return to the roots of our founding. Our origins are built on a foundation of challenge and sound management, which entails both an offensive and defensive stance. Maeda Corporation has always persevered throughout its 100-year history, such as taking on the challenge to be the best in Japan and in the world.

With one century in business as an opportunity, the ideal form of the new Maeda is a comprehensive infrastructure service company. We aim to shape the company into an organization integrating construction and infrastructure, or in other words engineering and services. Therefore, I believe we need to accumulate and establish service expertise in infrastructure while further enhancing our construction technology.

By leveraging AI and IoT technologies in the infrastructure around us in our daily lives while realizing more efficient services, I hope we will reduce the economic and social burden as well as greatly contribute to a sustainable society. I would also like Maeda to position itself as the world’s infrastructure service provider in the future.

We must transform our very corporate culture at the same time in order to realize this new Maeda. I know our people are the most important. We will emphasize human resource development and investments in people more than ever before. In addition to revising our personnel policies, we will also build systems to compete through global standards by advancing initiatives that include work style innovation as well as productivity and governance reforms.

We will take the initiative and persevere in this transformation as modern times bring dramatic changes to the ideals and concepts of society. I know the significance of driving this evolution beyond our own expectations for society in the future.
Our challenging spirit, which is the DNA that is the pulse of our company, is the power that will support us in realizing this transformation.

The history of perseverance at Maeda is also alive in the people at our Group and affiliate companies. I would once again like to share my respect and appreciation to all of those people. I hope to nurture an even deeper unity as well.

Maeda will never stop challenging.