MAEDA Corporate Conduct Charter

Revised on April 1, 2020


- We, MAEDA, have been taking on the perpetual challenge of creating new value by practicing our corporate motto and the MAEDA Corporate Conduct Charter, and aim to become an entity that is trusted by all stakeholders as well as the earth and the future.

1. Initiative model of top management

- Top management shall recognize its duty to embody the spirit of this Charter and provide example by leadership to make it fully known within the company and Group companies.
At the same time, it shall urge the supply chain as well to act based on the spirit of this Charter.
Top management shall listen to the voices heard inside the company and make efforts to develop an effective governance system and ensure organized risk management.
In the event that situations that violate this Charter arise, top management shall take the initiative in making efforts to resolve the issues, identify the causes and prevent recurrence.
In addition, top management shall perform prompt and appropriate information disclosure to society, achieve accountability, clarify authority and responsibilities, and then deal severely with those who violate this Charter as well as top management itself.

2. Creating a truly affluent society

- We develop and provide technologies and services useful to society to contribute to the creation of a truly affluent society and aim to pursue and create new value with which our stakeholders can feel security and satisfaction.

  • (i)We provide safe and useful services to society through innovation.
  • (ii)We strive to promote sustainable development of society and resolve social issues by co-creation with our partners.
  • (iii)We aim to pursue technology and quality to improve all our stakeholders' satisfaction.

3. Respect of human rights

- We respect the human rights of all stakeholders in the value chain.
We understand and respect the internationally recognized human rights in our management.

  • (i)We make efforts to eradicate all harassments (power harassment, sexual harassment, maternity harassment, moral harassment, etc.).
  • (ii)We eliminate all discriminations (based on gender, age, nationality, race, ethnic group, thought, creed, religion, social status, lineage, disease, sexual orientation, gender identity, disability, etc.).
  • (iii)We support, in cooperation with various stakeholders, independence of the socially vulnerable who are easily subjected to the violation of human rights, thereby contributing to the creation of an inclusive society.

4. Pursuing attractive work and life

- We make efforts to create a comfortable and efficient working environment with consideration given to the security, safety and health of all people working at MAEDA.
We also strive to develop an environment, where each employee can work with flexibility and exercise his/her best performance by utilizing his/her ability, diversity and personality, and promote the development of our company and realization of the happiness of individual employees.

  • (i)We strive to prevent labor accidents and create a working environment with consideration given to health.
  • (ii)We conduct discussions and practices repeatedly toward the creation of a working environment where various human resources can work with purpose.
  • (iii)We strive to develop each employee's career according to his/her aptitude, ability or desire through human resources development and training.

5. Fair business activities

- We take the initiative in striving to perform fair and free competition and appropriate business.
We also maintain proper relations with governments and administrations.

  • (i)We comply with competition laws and do not enter into discussion or agreement that may hinder free corporate activities.
  • (ii)We strive to strengthen a relationship of trust with suppliers and cooperative companies without taking advantage of our position in business.
  • (iii)We keep an appropriate distance from governments and administrations and build a transparent relationship with them.
  • (iv)We do not practice bribery intended to obtain undue profit.
  • (v)We recognize our social responsibility to our stakeholders and promote fair business activities.

6. Interaction with stakeholders and fair information disclosure

- We disclose our corporate information positively, effectively and fairly, and conduct constructive discussions with our stakeholders to improve corporate value.

  • (i)We strive for an appropriate information disclosure as well as interactive communication with our shareholders and investors through general shareholders meetings and IR, SR activities.
  • (ii)We do not conduct insider dealing.
  • (iii)We strive for the establishment of relationships of trust and improvement of corporate value through engagement with a wide spectrum of stakeholders surrounding MAEDA.

7. Efforts to deal with environmental problems

- We aim to create an environment where nature and human beings are in harmony through business activities and contribute to the realization of a sustainable society.

  • (i)We contribute to the realization of a decarbonized society and a circular economy.
  • (ii)We address the maintenance of biodiversity.
  • (iii)We aim to develop and spread environmental engineering that contributes to adaptation and mitigation to climate change.

8. Participation in society and contribution to its development

- We make effective use of management resources and promote, as good corporate citizens, social services actively. We also identify social issues to be addressed with higher priority while considering the concerns of local communities and our stakeholders and make continuous effort to address them.

  • (i)We cooperate with a wide spectrum of stakeholders including NPO/NGO, local communities and administrations to contribute to the development of society.
  • (ii)We strive to build a relationship of mutual trust with our stakeholders and develop local communities through activities respecting local culture, tradition, custom, etc.
  • (iii)We strive to support employees' volunteer activities and foster our corporate climate where we value volunteer and social service activities.

9. Thorough implementation of crisis management

- We prepare against anti-social forces that threaten the order and security of civil society and corporate activities as well as natural disasters, and develop and ensure an organized crisis management system.

  • (i)We reject any relationship with anti-social forces and groups.
  • (ii)To prevent damages caused by anti-social forces, we collaborate with the organizations concerned and act according to laws.
  • (iii)We establish a system prepared for disasters and respond to them quickly.

10. Trusting relationship with society through information security

- We properly and strictly manage information obtained in the course of business or by ourselves according to the degree of importance.

  • (i)We properly and strictly manage personal information and customer information obtained through business activities according to the management rule.
  • (ii)We also manage, in the same way, a third party's information collected or used by us or information committed by a third party according to the degree of importance and do not conduct acquisition by improper means, unintended use or private use of such information.