Materiality of MAEDA

Materiality of MAEDA

In 2019, which marked our centennial anniversary, we promoted a new company image of MAEDA “NEXT100,” at which we aim by conducting CSV management in the next 100 years. To meet this new challenge, we also formulated the image that we are aiming to create in the next 10 years in “NEXT10” and the roadmap. At the same time, we also considered the materiality of MAEDA based on the social situation and business environment, which were examined when formulating them.
The image that we are aiming to create in NEXT10 is that of an “integrated infrastructure service company.”
This can be said to be a new construction service providing a solution and value for different social challenges with a new business model merging contracted businesses and non-contracted businesses.
We want to solve different social challenges and realize a sustainable society as an integrated infrastructure service company.

MAEDA materiality formulation process

Referring to the GRI Standards, MAEDA has examined social challenges behind each of “MAEDA’s CSR activities” and “CSV management” and derived the critical items (i.e., materiality) of our company.

The basis in considering MAEDA’s materiality was MAEDA’s “CSR Four Pillars.” Around “compliance,” “provision of excellent structures and construction services,” “efforts for environmental conservation,” and “social and local contribution activities as corporate citizens,” we identified priority items for each pillar and advanced CSR management. Then, reexamining important issues at the timing of starting efforts for CSV in 2016, we created the MAEDA materiality.
(Link to the 2017 report)

We added the social challenges and solutions causing CSV promotion to the priority items from the 2017 report.

Mapping them, we opened them with the priority clarified to the public as the materiality.

In addition, in the formulation of the medium- to long-term business plan “Maeda Change 1st stage ’19 - ’21,” which started in FY 2019, the challenges posed to society and the business environment surrounding MAEDA were reviewed by each department concerned, such as top management and the Corporate Planning Department in FY 2018.
[MAEDA Corporation as an integrated infrastructure service company], which was promoted in the new medium-term business plan, classified the social challenges, for which a win-win position is targeted with all stakeholders, including our company, from the perspectives of [world], [Japan and areas], and [construction industry], and diagrammatized them as new materiality. It is required to solve many social challenges facing each company in all directions, not to prioritize them. It can be said that the image is the “integrated infrastructure service company” aimed for in the “CSV management.”

While quickly responding to social changes accelerated by the impact of COVID-19 and expediting the reform to an “integrated infrastructure service company,” many places need to be reexamined. We report to you our company’s materiality development process at the point of time of creating this booklet.

  • Selecting priority items

    • Determining priority items by MAEDA’s “CSR Four Pillars”
    • Adding priority items causing CSV management promotion
  • Clarifying priority by mapping each item

    • Carrying out relative priority evaluation around “challenges viewed as important by society” and “significance of impact applied by our company to the economy, environment, and society”
  • Recognizing the necessity of an all-direction solution

    • Determining that it is required to solve many social challenges facing each company in all directions, not to prioritize them, and developing materiality in line with the “integrated infrastructure service company”
Approaches to critical problems by CSV management