Compliance with laws and regulations, etc.

Compliance with laws and regulations, etc.

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We consider that compliance with laws and regulations is the basis of corporate management in pursuing the improvement of a corporate value through faithful and sound business activities. Our company has established a structure for compliance with laws and regulations, etc. and operates the structure accordingly in order to conduct sustainable management.

Our company has been making efforts to comply with laws and regulations, etc., in terms of communication with our stakeholders, information disclosure, fair competition with various business partners, compliance with international rules, and thorough implementation of corporate ethics, based on the “MAEDA Corporate Conduct Charter,” which was established in 2005.

In addition, this charter has been appropriately reviewed according to changes of social requirements.

It became obligatory for business operators to take measures against harassment in April 2020. Based on the recognition that leaving this issue unaddressed would affect our corporate activities, our company has declared harassment eradication, and decided to stipulate it in our “MAEDA Corporate Conduct Charter.”

Since the “MAEDA Corporate Conduct Charter” was stipulated in 2005, we have established norms that are positioned under the MAEDA Business Norm system according to social trends.

In revising the Corporate Conduct Charter recently, we spent much time in deliberating not only harassment eradication, but also other issues, while referring to global standards such as the Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights (2011), Paris Agreement (2015), and Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) (2015).

Specifically, we added “Solution of Social Issues” and “Respect for Human Rights” as new agenda of the Conduct Charter.

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MAEDA Corporate Conduct Charter
MAEDA Corporate Conduct Charter


The INFRONEER Group and MAEDA Corporation Group as a whole have worked on the promotion of activities for compliance with laws and regulations, etc. In FY2021, the Legal Department was reorganized into the Legal & Compliance Department, which manages and promotes group companies' compliance with laws and regulations, etc. Specifically, the Legal & Compliance Personnel Conference is held once a year, in which the legal and compliance personnel from our head office and branches and group companies participate and exchange opinions on compliance with laws and regulations, etc., and training by a lawyer is conducted. We also provide necessary legal education about the prevention of bid-rigging, insider trading, and of harassment, electoral cooperation, internal reports, etc. for new employees and at the annual training for employees in their third and fifth years after joining the company and managers’ meetings in our head office and branches and each group company to promote the reduction of legal risk.
To respond to the Whistleblower Protection Act amended in June 2022, we newly established the internal reporting rules and the Legal & Compliance Department has managed and operated them.

The internal reporting system is here.

CSR and compliance promotion structure (lines only)


To help our employees to occasionally confirm our corporate rules such as the “MAEDA Corporate Conduct Charter,” “MAEDA Conduct Standard,” and “MAEDA Code of Ethics,” which specify the social roles and responsibilities that should be assumed by our company and our employees, as well as various policies, we have compiled the “MAEDA Business Norms” and distributed the data of the norms to all employees.

In addition, we have conducted a CSR and compliance training program in the first-year, third-year, and fifth-year group training. Concerning the “MAEDA Corporate Conduct Charter” and “MAEDA Code of Ethics” in particular, we have conducted read-throughs and tests in a training session held immediately after new employees join the company, in order to encourage them to understand the contents of the Charter and the Code and foster the awareness of them.

Instilling and firm establishment of the philosophy, etc.: [KPI] participation in education about our business norms

Instilling and firm establishment of the philosophy, etc.: [KPI] participation in education about our business norms

* Participation ratio: 100% (MAEDA CORPORATION alone)

Comments of incoming employees receiving training

  • I have learned that there are staged goals for the Business Norms to permeate among employees like us through our divisions (Occupational category: building, male).
  • I have found that the Business Norms and the business policy are linked to all our operations (Occupational category: civil engineering, female).
  • I would like to study so that I can consider the high-level philosophy of the company in my daily tasks (Occupational category: clerical, male).