Efforts for customers

Efforts for customers

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Since in the total construction industry, construction is subcontracted by an ordering party and a building is delivered, the notion that "a customer is equal to an ordering party" is common. Our company always prioritizes the needs of ordering parties as "obtaining customers' confidence through doing a good job" that is one our fundamental principles. At the same time, we are making efforts to understand the desire of end-users through the needs of ordering parties. In the case of a building for which the ordering party and end-user are different, there are not many cases where we obtain opinions on the building directly from an end-user, or the building is evaluated. Therefore, we think that the improvement of an ordering party's degree of satisfaction results in providing the quality that gives a community a sense of reliability, sense of security, and sense of satisfaction.

Improvement of customer satisfaction

What is common among works in both civil engineering and building is that both sections have made efforts to enhance ordering parties’ satisfaction, that is, efforts to understand as many requests as possible from end users whose opinions are hard to obtain directly, through ordering parties. We think that it is by reviewing our business from such a perspective that we can find argument points of quality improvement.

In addition, we regard testimonials, letters of appreciation, and others obtained from ordering parties and others as one of the evaluations of customer satisfaction.

Civil Engineering Department

Most of the ordering parties for civil engineering construction are public offices and local governments or public institutions, such as electric power companies, gas companies, and railway companies. Therefore, it is very difficult to survey customer satisfaction from many and unspecified end users. For this reason, regarding the construction performance rating score obtained from an ordering party as the scale of customer satisfaction, our company analyzes what was evaluated, based on the construction performance rating score, after completion of construction.

Also, we have obtained testimonials and letters of appreciation from stakeholders such as ordering parties in terms of engineering, safety, quality, and others and have sorted and analyzed these testimonials and letters to evaluate customer satisfaction.

Letter of appreciation from an ordering party [civil engineering]
Letter of appreciation from an ordering party [civil engineering]

Construction Department

Although most of the building work is private, it is difficult to survey customer satisfaction from end users, as in the case with civil engineering construction. However, in recent years, the order-receiving of construction work (design and construction work) by the design of our company has been on the increase. Since in design and construction work, all the services, starting with design and up to after-sales service under construction and after the completion of construction, can be provided continuously, it is easy to make use of our company’s knowledge. Although there is a possibility that such benefit is respected, we presume that improvement of customer satisfaction may result in continuous opportunities to obtain orders for design and construction work.

We are proposing a building history management system “ichroa” developed by our company independently as a tool to address after-service. “Ichroa” is a system to “visualize” the information that is fundamental to the maintenance and management of a completed building by managing in a unified manner on the WEB information such as drawings, construction history, and repair plans of a building. In addition, it can “visualize” information such as the arrangement of past history, assumption of repair construction costs that may be generated in the future, and payment to construction companies, by turning into electronic data the design/construction information and managing it, which is important basic information at the operation/maintenance management stage of a building. By continuously making records, we can achieve efficient facility management for creating a maintenance plan and a budget for the next fiscal year, grasping the tendency of energy use, etc. Since “ichroa” is provided as an ASP service, it is possible to manage remote areas or many bases in a unified manner. We try to maintain and improve the value of a building. We also make proposals so that our buildings can be perpetually used in comfortable condition.

Reference link: ichroa

Construction history management system “ichroa”
Construction history management system

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