Human rights

Human rights

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Our company runs a construction business centering on civil engineering and building construction and an infrastructure operation business (“de-construction” business) typified by a concession business in Japan and abroad, and our business may affect the human rights of our stakeholders in various ways. The "MAEDA Corporate Conduct Charter" specifies that we not only respect international rules and local laws on labor standards, the environment, and so on but also respect religions, cultures, and customs of every country and contribute to their development. It also specifies that all executive officers and employees working at our Group observe that spirit in performing their daily activities. In the revision of our Corporate Conduct Charter in April 2020, we stipulated “Respect for Human Rights.” In July 2021, we assented to and signed the United Nations Global Compact. We changed our membership to INFRONEER Holdings Inc. in April 2022, and established an “INFRONEER Group’s Human Rights Policy” in June 2022. So far, we have recognized the importance of efforts for addressing issues of human rights in view of the expansion of overseas operations and a recent increase in foreign technical interns. But now, diversity is indispensable for corporate growth and existence, and we should consider not only the human rights of people with certain attributes such as women, persons with disabilities, foreigners, and LGBT, but also the human rights of all persons.

MAEDA Corporate Conduct Chapter (excerpt)

Conduct of training on human rights

As part of the compliance training, we hold seminars on sexual and power harassment which may occur in the course of work, at the time of employees joining the company and at group trainings by job category given in the third and fifth years of employment. In addition, in the 10th year of employment, a harassment seminar is given by a corporate lawyer.

In addition to the above seminars, we conduct training consisting of lectures and group discussion to provide an opportunity to think about what actions each employee should take “when he/she has seen harassment,” “when he/she has received harassment,” and “when he/she has unconsciously become a perpetrator of harassment.”

Also, other than training by job category, the Legal & Compliance Department and consulting lawyers provide the head/branch offices and affiliated companies with training on harassment through legal training tours regularly. In addition, the Human Resources Department holds harassment study meetings based on actual precedents for responsible persons nationwide (such as division managers and field office managers).

Harassment study meetings for young members will be held in FY 2022.

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